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Assault on Abortion Rights: Now What?

Electoral Politics

It has never been more crucial to elect pro-abortion rights Democrats at every level of government.

If there is any slightly good news to share, it is that, due to redistricting, the entire Florida state government is up for election this year. DeSantis is at the end of his 4 year term, and all members of the legislature have to stand for election, even terrible state senators like Ileana Garcia (FL-37, slated to be redistricted as FL-36) who would ordinarily be just at the beginning of 6 year terms.

Apart from the election of our excellent Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, Miami-Dade County did a terrible job of electing Democrats in 2020, losing multiple Democrat-held seats in the US house (Districts 26 and 27), the FL Senate (FL-37), and the FL House (FL-114).

So now is the time to redeem ourselves. Open your wallets and block out some canvassing time for the following local candidates:

Raquel Pacheco (Running for FL 36, State Senate)

Janelle Perez (Running for FL 38, State Senate)

(A detailed endorsement post will follow, including discussion of contested primary races. These two are the strong, serious, and electable pro-choice local candidates that would benefit from your support right now.)

The primary is August 23 (early voting begins August 8). Election Day is November 8.

And in the Meantime?

Support your local abortion fund, such as Women’s Emergency Network.

Donate to abortion funds in “receiving states,” such as the Chicago Abortion Fund.

Spread awareness and support Plan C which provides access to early term abortions using the “abortion pill” aka the multi-dose combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Donate to Ruth’s List Florida, which recruits, trains and supports pro-choice democratic women candidates running for state and local office.

Donate to local Democratic clubs and groups, including the Flamingo Democrats, the Coral Gables Democrats, and the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. (The state party is unfortunately not a good use of your money right now.)

Please do not stockpile emergency contraceptives like Plan B unless you really plan to use them. Pick up a box or two if you must, but have we learned nothing from the great toilet paper run of 2020? Real people need Plan B to be available when they need it.

Stay up to date on public demonstrations such as the Bans Off Our Bodies marches being organized by Planned Parenthood and Women's March.

Drop the euphemisms. Say “abortion.” Say “abortion rights.” As a number of commentators have pointed out recently, the very gentility of the pro-abortion rights movement in using the language of “choice” and “reproductive rights” has contributed to the notion that the procedure itself is shameful and unspeakable. Now is the time to break this habit.


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