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Ready to Canvass? Start this Weekend!

One of the major lessons of progressive electoral successes in recent years (think AOC in NY and Rashida Tlaib in MI) is the importance of door-to-door in-person canvassing. We can text and tweet all we want, but there is still no better way to connect with voters, gauge the popularity of a candidate and a message, and earn actual votes than old fashioned door knocking.

Many of you probably have had the experience of canvassing in the weeks leading up to a presidential election. That is crucial work for getting out the vote. But canvassing is even more effective in local races and when practiced over a long period of time. No one can say “you never came and asked for my vote” when you did precisely that. No one can say “you only come around two weeks before Election Day” when you’ve been checking in for months.

Canvassing is especially important in the current climate for two more reasons:

1) The Republican campaign to purge sporadic voters and to make it more difficult to access early voting and vote-by-mail make it essential that every voter knows their status and their rights;

2) The national political discourse around Florida as a “lost cause” for Democrats has the effect (intended or not) of making progressive voters feel like their engagement is hopeless.

Canvassing responds to both of these problems by keeping Democrats connected and lifting morale.

So that’s what we do.

Start this weekend by canvassing for Janelle Perez, candidate for State Senate in District 38 this weekend.

Sign up here to canvass in Key Biscayne Saturday afternoon July 16.

Looking for other opportunities? Check Blue Wave Coalition , SAVE LGBT , the Coral Gables Democratic Club and watch this space for more opportunities!


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